BCCyr Photography | About
Brian C Cyr is an award winning photographer based on the west coast of British Columbia. Born and raised in Ontario, Brian moved to the west coast to expand his photography to include the amazing West Coast of Canada.
Brian spent a number of years shooting stills photography in the film business but his passion has always been nature and outdoor adventure.

Brian has settled into the coast style of living and raises his family while pursuing his love of photography. Brian has delved into new styles including a new technique he calls Camera Painting. His PICS, or Painting In Camera Series has taken Brian's photography to new levels. He expands traditional still photography into a photograph that captures both time (long exposures) and movement (painting) into images of breath-taking colour and textures that are then printed onto canvas.
All manipulation is done in-camera during the exposure.

Brian has won international awards including the Focus On Your World photo competition through the United Nations Environment Program. Brian received Bronze from a field of 144 countries.

Brian's early works depict nature and man in a symbiotic relationship.